Our Story

Founded in 2017, brodflour uses fresh-milled flour from premium Canadian grain to bring age-old flavours to the future of food. We believe in bringing back the cornerstones of community baking—in-house milling, wholesome flour, delicious breads, and shared skills—to usher in a more flavourful future.

Our flour is light, healthy, ethically produced and distributed. It is real and regenerative, and it is good: for our health, for the environment, for our relationships and mood. It builds bridges and connects people.It’s time for a return to real wheat, real flour, and real bread.

It’s time for flour that hasn’t lost its magic. Our flour is wholesome and alive, with vibrant texture, aroma, and flavours. It’s a joy to eat and share. It’s a part of living well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more joyful future through food. Bread has long been a platform for delight and connection; facilitating laughter, ideas, and conversation. brodflour wants to rally people to drive systems level change, to connect with one another, and to enjoy life through food.

To that end, we’ve committed ourselves to four pillars:

Back to good – looking to the past informs our processes and products—and helps us build a better. future.

Fresh milled flours – we grow, mill, and bake with our flour. From the farm to your table, we make sure it’s always alive and packed with nutrients and heart.

Creating community – we encourage building bridges, breaking bread, and slowing down.

Going against the grain – striving to inspire food consciousness through transparency and good information.

Our Location

We are so honoured and delighted to be taking over The Roastery in Liberty Village. While we’re building, baking, and brewing over the next 2-3 months, we’ll be bringing in some great local brands to meet your food and coffee needs (we don’t want to leave you hanging!).

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